This is the Readme of the HUD, works similar in Stargates Welcome to the Hypergrid teleporter.

Welcome to the Hypergrid teleporter.

You can use it as a HUD or you can put the script into an object to use it as a Teleporter Pad.
************************** IMPORTANT ****************************
On Click on the Hypergrid Hud or Prim Pbject, a Dialog opens. There are 10 random Hypergrid Locations and you can choose to which you wish to teleport . Also is there the Button "Menu". If you choose "Menu" a new dialog opens and show you this items:
Not all grids allow the normal Teleport call, so, if the teleport fails, you see in local chat 2 alternatives, an url for the map, opens the map with ctrl-m and place that url in the find field, click on find and if all is ok, you can click on teleport. Or you do a direct click on the second url, "tp to" in front of them. If that not work, you can do an other Mouseclick ( a right Mouseclick) on that URL, in firestorm viewer it opens a popup Menu. click there on tp to Location or open map.
  1. "Insert": Here we will try to get the grid informations, This works not in all GRIDS so if you get an error message, you know, it fails. The message said to you, you shall try it with "Update".
  2. "Random": This button shows you every time you click on it randomly 10 grids.
  3. "Favourites": There is a notecard called "_favourites", you can set here up to 10 favourite grids, if you click on "Favourites" this grids are shown to choose for teleportation.
  4. "Update": Fill simple the notecard "_gridconfig" with your Griddata, then click on "Update", this griddata will then be filled into the server.
  5. "Vote" : Vote the Grid, this is good to find the best grids and the mostly Online Grids. Choose: "Offline","Boring","Mediocre","Nice","advisable","Sooo Gooood", "– TOP –"];
  6. "close": Closed this dialog
  7. "Check": it checks if the version is up to date, if not, you can download here the newest Version:

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